Student Staff

Ty ithreeha Allen

Hi! My name is Ty'ithreeha Allen and I am a sophomore at HSU majoring in Child Development and minoring in American Indian Education. I am Karuk and Yurok, and have lived in Humboldt County my entire life. I love being outdoors doing things like going on hikes, gardening, and swimming in the river during summertime. While in school I try and work with the community as much as possible, whether in be helping out at the local garden or coaching a youth basketball team. After graduating from Humboldt, I plan on opening up my own childcare facility and working to develop programs for Native youth that incorporate traditional practices and knowledge.

Bryce Baga

Nim-tha-pa inyana heyose, ponoy kiyu, Nim-tha-pa Americana Heyose, Bryce Baga (My Indian name is Two Coyotes, my American name is Bryce Baga). I am a fourth year, Native American Studies and Economics double major from the Santa Rosa Rancheria, just outside of Lemoore, CA. I am enrolled Tachi Yokut and interested in assisting my fellow ITEPP peers with their journey into becoming professionals and hopefully valuable resources and role models for their communities.

Emmanuel Cyr

Hello, my name's Emmanual Cyr, and I am from the Karuk Tribe. I am currently a biology major with a minor in wildland fire. With my degree I hope to one day make a difference regarding the preservation of our earth. I have lived in Humboldt my entire life so I've been lucky to be able to experience the pristine habitats Humboldt is the mother to. Some of my hobbies include hunting, fishing, hiking, rafting, campfire storytelling, etc.

Maya Mollier
Ayukîi naníthvuy uum Maya Mollier (Hello my name is Maya Mollier). I’m Karuk and Yurok, and am a Kinesiology (Pre-Physical Therapy) major minoring in Psychology. Other interests include soccer, being active, challenging the dominant narrative, smashing the patriarchy, decolonization, and Karuk language revitalization. After finishing at HSU, I will be pursuing a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and hope to one day work with the Native community as a physical therapist. 
Ketly Sylla

Hello! My name is Ketly Sylla and I am a junior majoring in Sociology. I was born and raised in South Center Los Angeles. I've been trying to pursue a career that actively advocates and assist people with "disabilities." I enjoy painting, acrobatic yoga, singing, humor, r&b, and being actively involoved in a community that's seeking social justice. "You inspire people who pretend not to even see you." -Anon

Briana Yah-Diaz

Hey! My name is Briana Yah-Diaz,

I'm a 3rd year at HSU majoring in CRGS with a pathway in Ethnic Studies. I grew up in Inglewood and am Maya. I enjoy talking about intersectionalities and learning of new ways to dismantle the institutionalized white supremist heteronormative capitalist patriarchy, also I'm queer (: