ITEPP, established in 1969, offers academic and culturally relevant support for Native American Indian students attending Humboldt State University.  Taking into consideration political status tribal affiliation, family and tribal traditions, staff provide a comprehensive approach to educational planning.  Staff assist students by drawing on their cultural identity, building strong support networks, academic advising, connecting with tribal representatives, engaging with faculty, setting educational and career goals, and applying for scholarships, internships and graduate school.

Academic Advising

ITEPP  academic advisors are the student’s principal point of contact. ITEPP academic advisors become a strong resource for students since they have strong local tribal ties and are extremely attentive to the individual needs of students from entrance into the University through graduation and beyond as students enter the workforce.

Services Include:  

  • Course mapping and planning
  • Class registration
  • Referrals & letters of recommendations
  • Academic counseling
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Project planning
  • Campus and community resources
  • Advocacy


Home away from home atmosphere


The ITEPP House offers:  

  • Student club initiated activities
  • Tutoring, mentoring, advising
  • Computer access, office equipment, supplies, kitchen, comfortable sofas, and study areas

Cultural Resource Center


ITEPP’s CRC current and past coordinators: Buffy McQuillen, Zo Devine and Marlette Grant-Jackson

The Cultural Resource Center or CRC, formally established in 1994, Housed in ITEPP, is a public lending library devoted to expanding awareness of relevant issues facing Indian Country, tribal communities, and Native American tribes.  

In the early years, the ITEPP staff, students, and friends began placing donated books, journal articles, and reports on the shelves in the ITEPP office.  Over the last 40+ years ITEPP  has acquired over a 6,500 piece collection of resource materials on, about, and by Native Americans.  We have classroom ready curriculum, books, dvd’s and videos that range from art, boarding schools, sovereignty, children’s and adult literature, education, history,  natural resources, botany, and stereotypes. We offer personalized assistance in locating materials because there just isn’t one book that will provide  the information you need to understand a topic.  You can search our books on

Give Back

ITEPP  needs your support. Our programs help meet critical student needs at HSU and we want to continue to grow and expand the services the Center can provide. Your contribution to this effort can make a significant difference. To make a financial donation to ITEPP, please click here.