Student Resources

As you are considering attending Cal Poly Humboldt please remember to began early in establishing your funding for college.  

Financial aid

First step:  

Fill-out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at:

Remember to estimate your income if you have not filed your taxes and then go back and update as necessary. Filing is like holding your place in line to get $$$.

For more information call ITEPP and ask to speak to a professional staff member: 707-826-3672


Second Step:

Began looking for scholarships that you are eligible for. The more scholarships that you secure the less loans you will have take to reach your educational goals.  Be aware that some scholarship require nothing more than hitting submit while others will want documents such as:  copies of your Tribal ID, letters of recommendation, and transcripts.  

Below are some of the scholarships that ITEPP students have received:

Additional Scholarship Resources: