Teaching Resources

Local Native Culture

All of the following resources are available online

The Original Patriots by Chag Lowry

Videos on Youtube.com that might be useful.

Native Identity

Biometrics in Indian Country: The Bloody fight for Authenticity by Tiffany Waters

Blood Quantum Land Laws and the Race Versus Political Identity Dilemma by Rose Cuison Villazor (this links to an Abstract and allows you to download a pdf version of the paper.)

Indigenous Identity: What is it, and Who Really has it? by Hilary N. Weaver (I got the article through JSTOR, which is available through Humboldt Library)

Native intelligence by Jack Forbes

Curriculum Links

Columbus' Story: Getting Native Voices in Curriculum 
A story from the Denver Post

Environmental Protection: Native Lands 
K-12 Curriculum

American Indian Issues: An Introductory and Curricular Guide for Educators 
Curriculum on Tribal soveriegnty, mascot issues & much more.

KTJUSD Indian Education Center Curriculum 
You can purchase ready to use curriculum

Klamath River Early College of the Redwoods 
Transformation education grounded in culture, place, and community serving 6th - 12th grades


Check out these links of interest to Native American Students!

Indian Natural Resources, Science & Engineering Program at Cal Poly Humboldt

CICD - Digital Scholar
Center for Indian Community Development at Cal Poly Humboldt

Humboldt Library
Link to library's Native American Links page

Northern Californian Indian Development Council's webpage

California Nations Indian Gaming Association
Facts and informatin regarding California Indian Gaming.

Humboldt's Educational Opportunity Program
Resources for historically underrepresented students

Klamath River Inter-Tribal Fish & Water Commission (KRITFWC) 
Information on water quality issues in the Klamath River

Humboldt Children's Center
On Campus Child Care

California Student Aid Commision -APLE 
Assumption Program of Loans for Education

American Indian Health
Information on health issues for Native Peoples of the United States

Tribal Connections 
Information on physical and mental health issues

National Indian Justice Center 
"The goals of NIJC are to design and deliver legal education, research, and technical assistance programs which seek to improve the quality of life for Native communities and the administration of justice in Indian country."